data concentrator

   Unit that allows a common transmission instrument to serve more data sources than there are currently available channels.

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  • Concentrator — In telecommunication, the term concentrator has the following meanings: In data transmission, a functional unit that permits a common path to handle more data sources than there are channels currently available within the path. A concentrator… …   Wikipedia

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  • concentrator — noun Date: 1833 one that concentrates: as a. an industrial plant that produces concentrates from ores b. a mirror or group of mirrors that focus sunlight for use as an energy source c. a device in a computer network that collects data from… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • concentrator — I. ād.ə(r) noun ( s) : one that concentrates: as a. : an apparatus by which something (as an ore or a solution) is concentrated; sometimes : an industrial plant specializing in concentration (as of ore) b …   Useful english dictionary

  • Remote concentrator — In modern telephony a remote concentrator or Remote Line Concentrator (RLC) is the lowest level in the telephone switch hierarchy. Only a few hundred telephone lines attach to each remote concentrator. In North America, concentrators are located… …   Wikipedia

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  • OpenPDC — The openPDC is a complete set of applications for processing streaming time series data in real time. The name stands for open source phasor data concentrator and was originally designed for the concentration and management of real time streaming …   Wikipedia

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